WATG Hotline Sweater lengthened

This is a lengthened version of the Wool and the Gang Hotline Sweater. Here’s the how…

WATG Hotline Sweater lengthened

Size and materials

This is the size 2 and I needed one additional ball of yarn to make the longer version – a total of 7. It’s made in Take Care Mohair, Lipstick Red.

The body and sleeves are knitted on 8mm circulars and the neck is knitted on 9mm needles.

Pattern adaptions

The body is knitted in the round, knit side out, up until the end of step 8 (59cm). I also used a false side seam which makes it easier to block when finished. You can just see the slightly bigger stitches from the alternate stitch pick up in the picture on the right.

Then I split the front and back and knitted a further 21-22cm / 32 rows to accommodate the sleeves.

WATG Hotline Sweater lengthened

I went up a needle size (9mm) and knitted loosely for the funnel neck. The mohair yarn that the jumper is knitted in is beautiful and soft but it is still a bit hairy and I didn’t want it itching my chin with a funnel neck. The looser knit meant it came out as a cowl style neck instead.

WATG Hotline Sweater lengthened

The sleeves are knitted as per the pattern, although I did make them both at the same time. These are the pre and post-blocking pics.

Making up

The main difference in making the jumper up was in the sleeve installation because most of the body was knitted in the round leaving holes for the sleeves. I sewed in the top of the sleeve first then stitched up the underarm.

I also opted to sew it up with the knit rather than purl side (as per pattern instructions) as the right side because I like the look of it better.


This is exactly what I was looking for – an oversize long jumper. It’s like wearing a hug. The sleeves are pretty long and look ok turned up if I want them out of the way, but if I made it again I would consider shortening them by 4-5cm. The shaping of the body, where the decreases sit, make the fit flattering because it’s slightly a-line. It has already had a lot of wear.

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