Silk twill hand-printed scarves

I love the vintage Hermes scarf pattern J’Aime mon Carre but buying one isn’t really an option.
I also loved the simplicity of these figures which I found on this blog.
I had been looking for a big square silk scarf for a while so I decided to have a go at creating my own inspired by both images…
I started with a large square (about 150cm) of heavy, white silk twill which I dyed using Dylon hand dye.
silk pic
Then I used soft cut lino to cut the printing blocks and Speedball Fabric Bock Printing Ink to print with. It works really well and doesn’t need to be set with heat, just cured for a week before you can wash it. It does smell quite strongly but once it’s washed it’s fine. I started with printing the squares then added the figures.
Adding the dresses took a bit of planning in working out which colour was going where. I finished it by printing a coloured edge and hand sewing a rolled hem. I have worn this scarf loads. It feels amazing and gives a great pop of colour.
I’ve made a couple of other versions using the same design. A turquoise one, which I cut another couple of printing blocks for:
and a bright pink long scarf for my mum.
These are great fun to make and nothing beats a silk scarf to wear. I like to wear the turquoise and orange scarves together. I really like that they are made of the same fabric and design but totally contrasting colours. I think I might have a play with this idea at some point further down the line but using a different design…

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