Sew Me Something Peaseblossom tee

Sew Me Something Peaseblossom tee

This is the first pattern I’ve made from Stratford-Upon-Avon’s Sew Me Something. All their patterns are named after Shakespeare characters and this is Peaseblossom. This is version one of the three included for this pattern. The other 2 being a v and a round neck.

The Peaseblossom can be made in a knit or a lightweight woven. I had enough of this lightweight, digital print jersey left to make a front for a top.

Sew Me Something Peaseblossom tee

So did a bit of hunting to find something the right colour and (more or less) weight for the back and found some viscose jersey that was close enough to work.

Sew Me Something Peaseblossom tee

I based my size choice on the finished garment measurements for this one so cut a size 8 rather than a 10. The finished bust measurement was 38 and 3/4″ for the 8 and 40″ for the 10 so lots of wiggle room.

The construction process is very straightforward and from pattern tracing to hemming was an easy evening’s sewing. The only change I made was to add a bit more length to the sleeves. I just cut them to the length of the largest pattern size to save measuring front and back (laziness).

I used thin grey ribbon to stabilise the shoulder seams and some of the front fabric to make the back neckband so you get a little peep of it going round the back.

 Sew Me Something Peaseblossom tee

The only instruction I would do differently next time is to leave sewing the sleeve hems until the side seams have been sewn up. I prefer the finish that gives and should have known better to do that as I was making it up!

I used my favourite Wonder Tape to stick down the hems before sewing them- no wavy hems here thank you!

 Sew Me Something Peaseblossom tee

Because there is so much ease in this top you can get off with using straight stitch more than usual with a stretch fabric. I finished the sleeve hems this way. This fabric was so light that finished edges with a 4 thread overlock felt like too much thread so it’s sewn together with a combination of 3 and 4 thread overlocking depending on the number of layers.

I basted the side seams to check the fit before permanently sewing them and ended up increasing the seam allowance from 3/8″ to 5/8″- very happy with the end result!

Sew Me Something Peaseblossom teeSew Me Something Peaseblossom tee



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