Papercut Patterns Undercover Hood

This is my first project using my  shiny new Janome 6234xl overlocker- fabulous machine and I needed something quite straightforward to try it out. I bought the Undercover Hood pattern direct from Papercut who offer free shipping worldwide. I love the way these patterns are packaged- so beautiful!


I had a hard time deciding which jersey to make this in- so much choice. In the end I went with a bicycle print knit from Raystitch. I also bought some gorgeous Wallace and Sewell selvedge ribbons. Not sure what I’m going to do with them but they have been added to the stash!

This was an easy make with great instructions. I didn’t change much other than to take the side seams in a bit to give it more shape and add a bit of length to the ribbing at the bottom. I used a grey powermesh to make the neck and waist bands and cuffs. I liked the transparency and softness of the colour. I added buttonholes, with a bit of fusible knit interfacing behind them, to the front of the  waist band and used a sunshine yellow georgette to make a tie. With hindsight I should have positioned the buttonholes to the side over the hip rather than in the middle. I still might take the band off and make a new one.

I do like this top but can’t quite get round the fact that I think it looks slightly like a (very nice) pyjama top. I will definitely make this again; probably in a plain knit next time though. I’ll also make the wrist cuffs deeper and add thumbholes to them.

Undercover Hood

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