Named Talvikki grey sweatshirt

Named Talvikki grey sweatshirt

This is my second Named pattern. The first was a version of the Inari Tee Dress, with tied patch pockets. Then I made several more but with a much more extreme cocoon shape.

I had a gap in my wardrobe for a neutral, easy to wear and wash, warm jumper- enter the Talvikki Sweater. The pattern calls for medium to heavy weight jersey (approx 280- 380 gsm) with 30% stretch.

Here are the details….

The fabric is a really soft, brushed back, heathered grey sweatshirt bought from the very helpful Guthrie and Ghani.

I’m not sure what the exact weight is but I would guess it’s somewhere in the upper 300gsm area. It’s a really good weight for this pattern to give structure to the funnel neck.

This is made up in a straight size 36/38 as per my bust measurements and the sizing and fit is great, nice and roomy with space for layers underneath.

The stretch % was borderline at 20-25% when I tested it so I added 3/8″ extra seam allowance to the neck and shoulder seam (and on the facing) due to my paranoia that it wouldn’t go over my head.

Named Talvikki grey sweatshirt

I basted the neck and shoulders together to try on before I did anything else- didn’t need it but better safe than sorry.

Named Talvikki grey sweatshirt

I used a couple of strips of woven selvedge, instead of clear elastic, to stabilise the shoulder seams. I sew them on just inside the stitching line before I join the shoulder seams- it’s just one less thing to think about when I’m overlocking.

Named Talvikki grey sweatshirt

I didn’t bother interfacing the neck facing. This fabric has enough structure and was fine without it. If I was to interface it I would choose a very stretchy interfacing

Everything bar the hems was done on the overlocker using a short stitch length.

I used a slightly longer than usual straight stitch to hem the sleeves and bottom edge- 2.8mm and added bartacks at the top of the vents on each side (zig zag length 0.5 and width 2.0) for good measure. No need for a stretch stitch here- there’s lots of space to get it on and off so no danger of popped stitches.

Named Talvikki grey sweatshirt

This went together in one evening and is constructed exactly as the pattern describes- easy and quick! The funnel neck, darts and side vents are great details.

Named Talvikki grey sweatshirt

The only thing I might do differently for the next one would be a small forward shoulder adjustment. It isn’t an essential change by any means but one I always find helpful for me. I like the wider sleeves since I use this as a warm over-layer but it would be easy to narrow them/add cuffs if that was more the look you wanted.

I love it- it fills the wardrobe gap perfectly…and isn’t too ‘sweatshirty’. It has already had a lot of wear.


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