Knit cotton shower mitt

This shower mitt is knitted in some left over WATG Shiny Happy Cotton yarn.

Here’s the how…

  • Needle size 4mm and keeping the tension quite tight to get a dense fabric
Knit cotton shower mitt
Knit cotton shower mitt
  • 49 sts cast on using a cable cast on
  • Knitted in Close Stitch …

CO an odd number of sts.

Row 1: (WS) Knit across

Row 2: (RS) K1, (s1wyib, k1) repeat to end of row

I also slipped the last stitch of each row purlwise with the yarn in front to give nice neat edges.

  • I knitted around 5″ then worked 2 knit rows to swap the RS and WS rows over half way through so that when it’s sewed into a mitt I get one smooth side and one smooth side.
Knit cotton shower mitt
  • The whole piece measures just over 10″ in total which when folded over fits my hand perfectly.
Knit cotton shower mitt

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