Colette Zinnia skirt

This is my very first attempt at sewing something to wear- the Zinnia skirt by Colette. I made it using a great online sewalong run by The Stitchery in Glasgow- their very first one. I hadn’t a clue about patterns or making clothes when I embarked on this so everything was a step into the unknown. The blog posts from The Stitchery were great- so clear and easy to follow. That coupled with Colette’s brilliantly clear instructions made the whole experience an enjoyable one, even when it came to the zip.

I didn’t have a huge amount of confidence that I would actually be able to make something wearable by the end of it so spending lots on fabric didn’t seem like a good idea. That plus the fact that I had no idea where to start in choosing fabric meant that I bought plain white cotton lawn. Once I got it home and washed it it just felt a bit too…well, white. I had some  Dylon hand dye in goldfish orange which produced a gloriously orange length of fabric ready to become Zinnia shaped.

I did make a toile in calico first which helped to understand how the pattern went together and to check it would actually fit. The skirt itself is a verrrry looong way from perfect. The zip is a little bit quirky, my topstitching is a wee bit wonky and the bias binding isn’t quite even BUT I still love this skirt and have worn it lots. Once I’d finished sewing it I felt it was missing something which turned out to be pink printed birds. I cut the bird block from soft cut lino and used the Speedball Fabric Block Printing Ink to print a flock of bright pink birds around the bottom of the skirt. So here it is my bright orange Zinnia with it’s own flock of pink birds…


I’m considering making a sheer lined version, maybe with some free-motion embroidery added for summer…

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