Closet-Case Kalle shirt lengthened

Closet-Case Kalle shirt lengthened

It’s a Closet Case Kalle shirt.  Another Closet Case piece of genius. This is the shirt version in  a crisp cotton lawn from Guthrie & Ghani. It could be argued that my version is a slight homage to the Hawaiian shirt but I’m completely ok with that. 🙂

Closet Case is one of my very favourite pattern companies- the combination of style and fabulous pattern drafting is a winner for me… see my embroidered Kalle dress, navy pinstripe Kalle, silk Kalle one and two, a  long-sleeved and embroidered Kalle, Ebony tee and dress,  houndstooth Clare Coat, Carolyn pj bottoms in a knit and a pair in flamingo cotton. I also have 2 pairs of Ginger jeans which I’ve never got round to blogging because so many others have done it so well but I’m wearing one of them in the pictures here.

Here’s the how:

  • After some experimentation I traced off a full set of size 8 pieces which is in line with my measurements (35″ bust). There’s a lot of ease in this pattern and I really like the boxy shape for a shirt.
  • I used the popover placket (personal preference) instead of full length one.
  • Changes made-
    • 3″ added to front length – the lazy way, didn’t use a full width piece of paper
    • 1″ added to back length – also the lazy way
    • Reduced the width of the side split
    • Realigned the facing pieces because I added different amounts front and back so they join at a different place at the side seams.Closet-Case Kalle shirt lengthened
    • Approx 2.5″ added to sleeve on front piece, back piece and yoke (don’t forget to add to the yoke too) because I’m not good with sleeveless or really short sleeves.
    • Length of cuffs increased so I can fold them up.

Closet-Case Kalle shirt lengthened

  • I cut out with a full  set of pattern pieces and needed 1.5m of this fabric which was 142cm wide. This easily accommodated the extra length added. The pattern says 1.6m for this size.

Closet-Case Kalle shirt lengthened

  • The buttons came from The Cloth House on a London visit and are sewed on with the wrong side up because I liked the slight touches of red and yellow.

Closet-Case Kalle shirt lengthened

The length of this is just how I wanted it. It’s a beautiful pattern, a totally different shape and look to the Grainline Archer. I love the big pleat in the back which gives a floaty balloon shape to the back and the casual styling of the sleeves. Next up will be a dress length version in red gingham shirting (also from The Cloth House) then one in silk or similar for a wedding later in the summer. It will look great with heels!

Closet-Case Kalle shirt lengthenedCloset-Case Kalle shirt lengthenedCloset-Case Kalle shirt lengthened

It’s a happy shirt (worn with my Ginger jeans)!





4 thoughts

  1. Hi! This will be my first Kalle Shirt and I’m excited! I was wondering how you adjusted the facings. I’m making the View A and planning to lengthen the front only by 3”. I know this will impact the alignment of the front and back facings but I am unsure how would adjust the facings. Any help for this newbie sewist would be appreciated!

    Thank you!



    • Hi Yvonne, hope you love the Kalle- such a great pattern! The facings shouldn’t need to be altered unless you’re changing the shape of the hemline. If you do decide to change it just use the new shape to draw new facings that have the same shape, making them the same depth as the original ones. It’s not easy to explain this in a comment! Try searching for something like ‘how to add a facing’ or ‘draw new hem facing’ there will be plenty of help out there to explain the process. Good luck with your Kalle!! 😊


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