Child’s swimming bag

Child's swimming bag

This was a request from my four year old niece and I’m recording the details so I don’t forget them because I think I may want to make more of them.

Made from

Outer is quilting cotton – 2 rectangles for front and back and the pocket piece just over half the height

Lining is red ripstop


4m of 5mm cord (to be trimmed to the right length)

Small bit of wadding for the letter F

…and a Hello Kitty I bought in Tokyo and attached with clear elastic so it’s easy to remove


Finished bag size: 17″ x 12.5″

Seam allowances were half and inch sides and bottom seam

2 and 3/8″ added to the top to make the casing for the cord

Zip attached and top stitched first before side seams sewn

The letter F (4″ tall) was made using this tutorial – really simple and very effective.

The loop on the top left of the bag is placed 4″ down from the top of the finished bag.

The casing at the side seams are finished with a bar tack as well as stitching

I trimmed the ripstop at the top of the bag so there was less bulk inside the casing to thread the cord through. I also used a very small amount of fabric glue to keep it in place before I folded and stitched the channel in place.

I also made some small and large wash cloths with fabric scraps and a terry backing… just for good measure. Such a great scrap buster – stitch together wrong sides together, leave a gap, turn, press and top stitch.


I love it – hope my niece does too!

2 thoughts

  1. What an excellent blog. You have inspired me to get off my derriere and be creative. I do already sew and have made many items of clothing by ‘The Maker’s Atelier’, ‘Merchant and Mills’, along with some great patterns by the well known providers. But once in a while it’s useful to come across a blog like yours to inspire and motivate.
    I follow Fiona at ‘Diary of a Chainstitcher’ and she is also inspiring.


    • Hi Lyn, thank you so much for a very lovely comment! 😊 I haven’t done much blogging recently and intend to fix it. Like you, I love looking at what others have made- it is really inspiring!! I figured that since I wrote down what I did (so I could remember) I may as we’ll share it in case it’s helpful for anyone else. Happy sewing


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