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I’m a Scottish islander with a wee touch of Viking. I love to make stuff …sewing…printing…wooly workings… There is so much out there that inspires, intrigues and interests me so this is my place to… • curate (pull together, sift through, select); and • create (share what I make and do with the ideas that pop into my head).

It also helps me to remember what I did/changed/played with and what worked and didn’t work when I’m making…so I (hopefully) don’t make the same mistake twice! I get so much out of looking at others’ blogs that instead of recording all this in OneNote I thought I’d share it in case it helps anyone else.

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  1. Hello Made By Me ! I stumbled across your blog today as I was looking for inspiration before sewing the I am Pan for the first time. And what a luck! Your blog is very inspiring and lovely to read. I will return later to read more. Happy sewing and best regards from Lise, Denmark

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  2. Hello Alison, really inspired by your coat blogs, and lots to take forward to my next coat venture; not in Scotland but think interlining needs trying out. Is there a special type of cotton flannel one should look for? Also the back stay to give shape and structure to the coat. In spite of it’s ‘faults’ my first independent coat make has been a much appreciated wardrobe item this pass week; wide sleeves, single large button fastening… I broke my left wrist ice skating on 29th so 2018 Sewing plans have been put on ice!!!! No excuse now for getting machine serviced.
    Ps is there a tab to follow your blog or am I not seeing for looking,
    Happy 2018 Alison and keep up all that wonderful creativity,


    • Hello Karen, thank you for such a very lovely comment. I think sewing is all about the mistakes- it has taught me a lot more patience with the flaws and to appreciate them :). The cotton flannel I used was just basic cotton flannel from my local fabric store. I like it because it doesn’t add a lot of bulk but there are other fabrics you can use for interlining too so you might want to experiment a bit too. Well done on your first coat- such a satisfying make. The broken wrist is rubbish, really hope it is better soon and your new year sewing plans can get back on track with a fully serviced machine at the ready. I just had to go and look to see how you follow my blog- haven’t thought about it before 😀 If you click on the little cog icon near the top of all the pages (it says sidebar when you hover over it) the sidebar opens and if you scroll down to the bottom of it there is an option to follow the blog. Thank you! Happy sewing in 2018 Karen.
      Alison 🙂


  3. Hi Cousin
    What have you been up to during the lock down? Did you go home? Haven’t heard from anyone so hope they are ok.
    I have been doing a lot of quilting lately–memory and custom quilts for clients and a quilt for F. When I check you blog I think, I should get back into sewing clothing, you even have me thinking about bound buttonholes (the lady who taught me when I was 15 is still with us – can’t do the math on how many years ago that was)..
    Take care, hello to the clan.


    • Hi Lorna, it’s so lovely to hear from you!!! Work has been busy during lockdown but I’m really hoping to get a trip to Orkney very soon as the lockdown eases 🤞- it has been far too long. Luckily everyone has been well which is the main thing. Funnily enough I’ve been toying with doing some more quilting- we should swap project pics!!! The quilt you made for Erik and Rosie’s youngest is just beautiful and has been well used and loved. I do really like a bound buttonhole, very satisfying. Hope everyone is well on your side of the Atlantic too. 😊


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