Just about me

I’m a Scottish islander with a wee touch of Viking. I love to make stuff …sewing…printing…wooly workings… There is so much out there that inspires, intrigues and interests me so this is my place to… • curate (pull together, sift through, select); and • create (share what I make and do with the ideas that pop into my head).

It also helps me to remember what I did/changed/played with and what worked and didn’t work when I’m making…so I (hopefully) don’t make the same mistake twice! I get so much out of looking at others’ blogs that instead of recording all this in OneNote I thought I’d share it in case it helps anyone else.

2 thoughts

  1. Hello Made By Me ! I stumbled across your blog today as I was looking for inspiration before sewing the I am Pan for the first time. And what a luck! Your blog is very inspiring and lovely to read. I will return later to read more. Happy sewing and best regards from Lise, Denmark

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